Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cloud Computing - relevance to enterprise applications

Some considerations for moving applications to the cloud:
  • Different applications in the enterprise have different scalability and load requirements
  • From a ROI perspective cloud based computing offers huge cost advantage only to applications which exhibit characteristics of extremely variable loads.
  • Specifically, applications for which the difference between peak load and average load or difference between average load and minimum load is very large, offer best ROI, when considered for cloud computing.
  • With cloud computing, pay-as-you-use economics, you don’t end up incurring huge up-front capital costs, nor do you have to buy hardware and software capacities that have to contend with rare peak loads say holiday season/year-end processing peaks
  • Also cloud computing is suitable for applications with requirements of extreme scalability
  • Cloud computing applications should be ready to contend with less than perfect reliability, say 99.5 % reliability, which may not be an option in some mission critical applications


  • Not every enterprise application should be considered for being moved to the external cloud. For some applications, good old virtualization, within the realms of the organization, should give great enough value. This type of infrastructure is refered to by some vendors as internal cloud
  • New or existing enterprise applications can be architected for cloud computing depending on the application's suitability
  • Cloud computing can be used very effectively to complement existing intranet based enterprise applications

For a more graphical explanation please view the slide share presentation hosted on linked-in Cloud computing relevance to enterprise applications

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